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From: Nikkinen (
Date: 2000-01-14 14:58:24

Nikkinen wrote:

> Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:
> > I'm about to release version 2.4 of the compiler in the next few days. This is
> Thanks for the info; drop me email if you get too many emails (like this one) from
> 'funs', will stop writing. [No problem]
> Anywayz, will download your compiler for testing. Send you some cash later on as
> well (not as a payment; but for supporting your project for C64).
> Started coding prog for handling FIFOs and STATIC 2 X 8KB RAM for buffer (double).
> Just a HOPE. Works somehow. Next problem to deal with is the pc's BIOS; tries to
> boot from floppy and uses own CRT... etc. will start dealing with it next or
> following week.  If you don't mind, will send you some photos 'bout the system
> (yeah, later on; have to save some money for a good CCD-cam).
> BTW: It's cheap to manufacturer it. Give you one system, you will sell others on
> your site? (low price)
> Failed to get 65816! I WAS told that someone manufactures it, but failed to find
> it. (Sure, MOS doesn't exist or Rockwell's series). 8088's still doing fine (old
> board).
> Bought 2 X Z80 from old East-Block country (in fact from Finland; though they were
> imported, something like from Cezh... Slovakia, anywayz... let me know how to spell
> it....), only USD 1 ea.! If you fool around with HW, let me know, will (postal)
> mail you one of them, for hobby (Z80A, 4MHz, plastic case; difficult to overclock;
> melts... managed 5MHz for 16 hours w/ pc's supercooler, stayed stable, Hitachi has
> (or used to have) a 16bit z80 compatible cpu in ceramic DIL (DIP?) casing..., just
> USD 25).
> Sure C64 and so are your hobby; pls. let me know what are you doing for your living
> (job).
> BTW:
> You have no-one dealing w/ math library (float, etc.)? Could try to figure out
> something, though promise nothing.... Won't help you w/ programming, but might send
> you 6502 libraries or translated 8086-code (6502 compatible) for it, let me check
> out my HDs, should be 'round 9.7GB data.....
> Let me know, please.
> Rgds,
> Sami Nikkinen
> (Yritysryhmä Nikkinen & kumppanit)
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