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From: Ullrich von Bassewitz (uz_at_musoftware.de)
Date: 2000-01-16 14:55:50

Version 2.4.0 of the cc65 compiler is released. I've appended the
announcement below.




I'm proud to announce version 2.4 of CC65, a C crosscompiler /
crossassembler combo for 6502 systems.

CC65 has C and runtime library support for most CBM machines, and -
thanks to the great work of Kevin Ruland - for the Apple ][. The
libraries are fairly portable, so creating a version for other 6502s
shouldn't be too much work.

Here is a list of the compiler features:

  * Includes a C compiler, macro assembler, archiver, linker and a
    frontend (compile & link) utility. The assembler generates
    relocatable object files, the linker is very configurable and allows
    overlays, ROMable code, splitted output and much more.

  * The compiler is not quite ISO compatible, however, a large subset
    is supported.

  * Supported target systems are:

    	- C64
    	- C128
    	- C16, C116, Plus/4
    	- CBM 600/700 family (programs run in bank 1)
    	- Newer PET machines (not 2001)
	- The Apple ][

    For all these systems a precompiled runtime and C library is
    available. Supporting more targets is not very difficult since the C
    library was written with portability in mind.

  * Several system specific support routines like a conio library or
    modules for joystick access are available.

  * The assembler and linker do also support the 65816 as a target,
    however, the compiler is not able to generate code for this CPU and
    there is no RTL support.

  * Lots of docs and a few sample programs included.

  * Easy interfacing between C code and assembler.

  * Fullscreen debugger for most machines as a linkable module.

  * Full sourcecode available as well as binaries for

  	- Linux (RedHat 6.1 and 5.x RPM)
  	- DOS
  	- Windows 95/98/NT

What is new in this version:

  * Several bugs fixed.

  * Use of line continuations.

  * Removed/upped some internal compiler limits (larger lines & macros).

  * Local variables may be handled as static variables. There is a #pragma
    available to switch it on and off inside your sources.

  * Check for and refuse __fastcall__ C functions.

  * Check for a maximum size of 64K in variable definitions.

  * The "defined" preprocessor operator is now available.

  * More warnings/better error messages, stricter type checking.	

  * Documentation updates.

  * More minor changes.

Support for some features is still missing. To name a few:

  * No floats.

  * No file routines. Actually, most stdio routines are there, but the
    low level file I/O is missing, so you get linker errors if you try to
    use them with files.

  * The 80 column mode on the C128 is not supported by the conio library.

More information:

For your convenience, I've put all doc files also on the web server:


The cc65 main page


will get updated to reflect the new version in the next few days.

There is also a cc65 mailing list. To subscribe, send a mail to
majordomo_at_musoftware.de with the command

    subscribe cc65

in the body of the mail.

Available packages:

As usual I will provide the complete sources and several binary packages
binaries. There's a binary RPM for RedHat which is probably the fastest
way to get going if you're running RedHat Linux. Since this is also my
development platform, new features and bug fixes are first available for

Binaries for DOS and and Windows will follow or may already be available
at the time you read this. While the sources do still compile under OS/2,
I have dropped support for OS/2 binaries, since were almost no downloads
of the OS/2 version.


For more information and links to the FTP server, see


For direct download, use


Thanks to all who sent feedback and suggestions!

Ullrich von Bassewitz                                  uz_at_musoftware.de
To unsubscribe from the list send mail to majordomo_at_musoftware.de with
the string "unsubscribe cc65" in the body(!) of the mail.

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