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From: Spiro Trikaliotis (Spiro.Trikaliotis_at_gmx.de)
Date: 2000-01-20 14:39:30

Hello all,

I'm new to cc65 (and to this mailing list), so I first tried the very
simple "hello world" example which works perfectly.

As a 2nd try, I tried to compile it with generating of a label file
for VICE.

I encountered a problem: VICE (Version 1.2) under Win32 complains
about an unexpected token at the end of each line of the token file.
It's CR/LF sequency which VICE does not like, since VICE always uses
Unix style line terminator (LF); so, currently, the label file is not 
usable at all unless the file can be converted to unix style (which I
did for testing purposes with the help of Linux, and it worked well).

Ah, I forgot: I'm using the WIN32 version of CC65.

I believe changing
    FILE* F = fopen (LabelFileName, "w");
    FILE* F = fopen (LabelFileName, "wb");

in CreateLabelFile(), file mapfile.c, i.e. changing to binary mode
will do it, but since I can't compile and test it (because I don't
have a supported compiler), I don't provide a patch for this.

Well, I have another question:

Is there an option I did not find or is it even planned to generate
further debugging information, i.e., a mapping of code lines to
memory addresses, so that there would be the option of doing something
like a source level debugging? (Yes, I know, VICE lacks the functio-
nality 'til now, but I want to know of cc65 itself does something like

I hope I will enjoy cc65.


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