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From: Spiro Trikaliotis (
Date: 2000-01-20 18:58:42

Hello Ullrich,

[CR/LF on symbol file]

>The VICE people may of course have a different view of the problem:-) I
>will send them a mail, they are usually very responsive.

Well, it's me who wants to extend the VICE monitor, so most probably,
that would be my job... That's the reason I joined the VICE mailing
list, too.

But, with VICE, people most often want to keep the various versions
100% compatible with each other, even with the INI files (and so,
the symbol files, too), so I'm _sure_ they will not want to make
this modification, especially since it's something generated from
YACC that complains...

Although I'm not very familiar with YACC, I believe the modification
of LD is easier than the modification of VICE.

>  * I will add a type for the generated symbols. [...]
>  * Symbols will have an associated range, [...]

These improvements sound good!

>Both things are possible with the current compiler, but they are not
>supported by VICE. So, to make them usable, I will have to propose an
>extension to the VICE monitor.

Well, I asked my question about the debug generations because I want
to extend the VICE monitor for better debugging.

>  * Write a debugger that resides on the PC, [...]

>    If have put some work into serial support lately to lay the ground for
>    such a debugger, but it is a lot of work, so don't expect this to come
>    soon. Currently it's just an idea.

Well, if you need some help, at least for the PC part, I have some sources
flying around which implement a simple protocol and access the UART
directly (under DOS).

>A source level debugger (as suggested by you) will not be possible with
>the current compiler, since the RD parser does not generate an abstract
>intermediate code. This means there is no chance to keep the debug/line
>information intact while the optimizer works on the generated assembler

Well, I know that optimizations are very bad regarding source level
debuggers; but isn't it possible to generate the references at least
when compiling w/o any optimizations at all?

To be honest: I first went to VICE wanting to improve the monitor,
and I looked for CC65 because I would need an environment that
supports the further options (esp. source level debugging) I want
to add because else, they would be useless. So, I wanted to check
if it could be handled by CC65 before I propose this extension to
the VICE group.

My current problems are: Lack of time (currently, I'm writing my master's
thesis) and that I'm not very familiar with the VICE sources yet, but
I'm working on this.


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