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From: Spiro Trikaliotis (
Date: 2000-01-21 12:33:16

Hi Uz,
(you want to be called this way, don't you?)

>> Well, what about this solution:
>> You're using a kind of stack frame which solely consists of a pointer to
>> the previous frame, and you add one pointer which points to where the actual
>> stack frame is located on.
>> So, the pointer is a kind of BP on the Intel (which actually needs not to
>> be used by the code, it's maintened only for debugging purposes), so we
>> don't have to change debug info with every change of the stack pointer.
>> The 'stack frame' would allow an easy return to the previous stack
>> frame when returning from a subroutine.
>No way:-) You have solved one problem with this approach and got another:
>How do you locate the pointer to the stack frame if it is itself on the
>stack, and there is no base pointer?

Hm, I've written about a pointer which acts like a base pointer. This
pointer must reside somewhere in memory, and there should be a pre-
agreed way to access it. Perhaps, we could add an entry to the symbol
file which tells the debugger where to access it.

I don't think it should be located on the stack!

>What's the advantage of using a mouse if you have your hands on the keyboard
>anyway? Why not use a set of keys to step through the code or inspect data?
>This would allow a text mode interface which is much easier to port to other
>operating systems. Apart from that, a windows only solution is no solution
>for me. I have a Windows box and vmware running here, but I do not use it
>for real work. Just my 0,02DM :-)

Well, I don't like the mouse in most cases. Anyway, it's much easier
to add the accelerators (= keyboard chars) if you have the commands
in a menu or in a status bar, but you're right, it will lack the

I'll have to re-think about that.


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