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From: Ullrich von Bassewitz (uz_at_musoftware.de)
Date: 2001-10-11 17:18:40

I'm about to release another major version of cc65. It does not have all the
things, I wanted to implement (which can also be said for any previous
release:-), but it is rather stable, and it has improvements over the old
version in several areas.

Since this version has a real lot of changes, I've decided to offer beta
packages, including binaries for all operating systems. If you have an
existing cc65 program and some spare time, I would request that you download
the beta in source or binary form and check if it compiles your program
without errors. My current plan is to release the final version 2.7 on sunday,
provided that there are no serious errors.

Any feedback is welcome! Even if your programs run without errors, I would be
glad to hear about it. I'm also interested in speed/size comparisons to
version 2.6.2. The new version has a completely new backend and new/rewritten
optimizations, so the code can differ greatly in size or speed.

Here is a list of the most important changes from 2.6.2:

  - New compiler option --create-dep to create a dependency list for a

  - Option and pragma to generate stack overflow checks (both, parameter
    and CPU stack).

  - Transparent and efficient handling of fixed params in variadic

  - Build parameter frames when calling other functions by adjusting
    the stack once and then storing into this frame instead of pushing
    each parameter separately.

  - Compiler generates line info for the assembler. The assembler passes
    this to the linker, which is able to generate files containing this

  - New, much improved compiler backend.

  - C functions may now be declared as __fastcall__.

  - New #elif preprocessor directive

  - Boolean and and or in preprocessor #if clauses does now work.

  - New, improved __asm__ syntax for the inline assembler (read the docs!).

  - New code generation for the switch statement.

  - Optimizations. Please note that some of the optimizations of the
    old backend are no longer there, so in rare cases, code may be slower
    when compiled with this version.

  - Several changed/added runtime functions for better performance.

  - CBM BASIC compatible file I/O functions by Marc Rintsch.

  - Support for the Commodore 510 (aka P500).

  - Mouse routines completed! Mouse support is available for the following
    systems: Atari, C64, C128, CBM 510.

  - Command line response files are now supported to aid those people
    working with "operating systems" that have a serious command line
    length limit.

  - A new plasma graphics demo written in pure C (by groepaz/hitmen).

  - And lots of other minor changes...

Thanks in advance for your help!



Ullrich von Bassewitz                                  uz_at_musoftware.de
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