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Date: 2001-10-13 19:21:49

> European and U.S. ISPs usually get the reverse DNS right, while ISPs in
> asia and africa often don't care about unimportant things like this. As
> a coincidence, a high percentage of SPAM mails today is relayed over
> mail servers outside of the U.S. and europe.

I use inwind... in Italy... it work very well, but I haven't
reverse dns.

> But your ISP seems to have more problems than just this one. My mail
> server is often delaying mails to you for days since your MX is not
> reachable ("no route to host").

No, is not my ISP... I have a local lan and I have a local mail serve.
The problem is that I'm waiting ADSL (I ordered but I'm waiting)and now
I'm in dial up (with a flat). I'm not online 24h per day.

> BTW: Most people do not have problems with a missing reverse DNS but
> with an invalid ftp password. So it's often not a technical but a user
> problem.

ok, but without reverse dns I cannot access... and I haven't a RDNS :-(
With ADSL I have it... and I finally can download from you ftp site :-)

Thanks for reply


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