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From: Michal Bartczak (
Date: 2001-10-13 20:03:49

> It's a bad idea to use a host without a static IP address or even
> one that is
> not online 24*7 as a mail host! Yes, it does work, but only because you're
> abusing other peoples resources. While you are offline or while
> your new IP
> address is propagated through the net, my mail server is
> buffering mails for
> you and trying to establish a connection all 5 minutes or so. This ties up
> harddisk space and network bandwith.
Try to tell that to some polish providers. They just 'invented' a brand new
internet providing method: forget about static IP, and pay for every
transfered megabit (you've readed correctly, for every 128kb). Price is
about 1 cent/megabit (22% tax not included). Sadly, there are places where
you have no other choice :(


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