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From: Atheist (atheist_at_hellspawn.dnsalias.net)
Date: 2001-10-15 12:48:07

> Scrive atheist_at_hellspawn.dnsalias.net:
>> Should... Wind is the second telecomunication provider in
> Italy...
> Well, wind is definitely not the second telecommunication
> provider in Italy, maybe it's one of the worst...

No, now wind have buy Infostrada (and libero)... is the second...

> but since
> it's completely free

No, I'm in flat, I pay for it :-)

> Anyway, sounds strange that they make no reverse DNS...

try it...

> But you could try to use libero or tim, for example: they
> are free as well, and offer a better service than wind.

Tim offer better service? Blah! Tim is the worse...
Libero works well and have a rdns, but I want a RDNS on wind!


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