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From: Adam Dunkels (
Date: 2001-10-17 13:59:51

On Wednesday 17 October 2001 13:09, you wrote:
> Hello Ullrich,
> UvB> Remember Adam Dunkels uIP TCP/IP stack?
> UvB> I've set up a web server on a C64 yesterday using the uIP stack and
> the http UvB> server that comes with it. Have a look at
> UvB>
> coooool :o) i've always dreamt of setting up a ftp-server with just a
> c64 and a 1541 on some party ;=))

Version 1.0 of uIP is planned include a simple FTP server ;-)

But an even cooler project would be to port uIP to the 1541 and let the 
FTP/HTTP server run directly on the diskdrive. One 5.25" disk == one web 
site! It should be possible to run RS232 over the serial line from the 
diskdrive with simple add-on hardware, right?

Since there is very little RAM avaliable in the 1541, I guess the only option 
would be to burn the code to ROM. Some of the 1541 code would probably have 
to be thrown out in order to make room for the TCP/IP and RS232 stuff. 
Routines for saving files and fiddling with the BAM could easily be removed 
from the code since the web server won't be saving any files anyway.

How much ROM does a 1541 have? Native uIP be fitted into some 4k and by 
hand-compiling the code to 6502, it should be possible to reduce the code 
size down to some 1k. RAM usage for the TCP/IP stack can be kept below 256 
bytes. The RS232 routines probably needs some 256 bytes for buffering. That 
leaves more than 1k for disk block buffers (the BAM wouldn't have to be kept 
in RAM either)! 

Adam Dunkels <>
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