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From: Adam Dunkels (
Date: 2001-10-17 15:08:39

On Wednesday 17 October 2001 14:06, you wrote:
> >>>>> "AD" == Adam Dunkels <> writes:
> AD> How much ROM does a 1541 have?
> The 1541 has 16 kB of ROM and 2 kB of RAM. There are lots of 8 kB and
> 32 kB memory expansion projects out there. There is also a free 8-bit
> I/O port on one of the 6522s in there. If you're going to boot the web
> server from disk you might as well keep all the routines in the origi-
> nal ROM and just add another 16 kB ROM and 8 or 16 kB of RAM.

Booting the web server from a disk would be alot easier since writing a disk 
is much simpler that writing a ROM; newer versions of the software is easier 
to install if the software is on a disk. Does the 1541 ROM have the ability 
to boot a program from the disk?

With the code running in 16k of extra RAM, it would be possible to implement 
an FTP server that is able not only to send files, but also to receive them 
and write them to disk (since the original ROM still is in place). That would 
be a nice way to transfer data between the C64 and the PC ;-)

Adam Dunkels <>
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