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From: MagerValp (
Date: 2001-10-17 16:26:09

>>>>> "AD" == Adam Dunkels <> writes:

MM> Earlier versions of the firmware would execute the "&*" command at
MM> power-up if the CLK and DATA lines were held low. This
MM> functionality was removed from the 901229-05 firmware version.
MM> BTW, does anyone have 901229-04? It's missing from FUNET.

AD> Ok, so some kind of manual intervension would be needed for the
AD> newer models. That's a shame, the ideal would be that no C64 would
AD> have to be used - only the 1541 drive and a floppy containing the
AD> web site/ftp archive.

Since you're going to solder an RS-232 interface and a memory expan-
sion in there you might as well put autoboot functionality back in.
Shouldn't be very hard at all -- provided someone uploads a -04 ROM...
Marko, is this the first revision of the 1541 ROM?

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