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From: Spiro Trikaliotis (
Date: 2001-10-17 16:36:59

Hi Adam,

"Adam Dunkels" <> wrote:

> I wouldn't adopt a new file system for such a web server for a number of
> reasons. First, it is much harder to write/modify a disk with a custom
> filesystem; it wouldn't be possible to use existing tools such as the 1541
> ROM routines to do this. Second, the 1541 filesystem isn't that hard to

I'm not sure if you rellay can use the ROM routines for the file-system...

It is quite some years since I looked inside the ROM routines, but as I
remember, it is just a very big loop which handles the serial bus and the
commands (the job loop is another thing). While you definitely can put in a
command which should be executed and then jump inside the big loop, you will
never get control back. That's the reason why I would call the ROMs a
firmware and not an OS.

Anyone have an opinion on this?


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