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From: Adam Dunkels (
Date: 2001-10-18 09:46:56

On Wednesday 17 October 2001 14:25, you wrote:
> AD> But an even cooler project would be to port uIP to the 1541 and let the
> AD> FTP/HTTP server run directly on the diskdrive. One 5.25" disk == one
> web AD> site! It should be possible to run RS232 over the serial line from
> the AD> diskdrive with simple add-on hardware, right?
> should be possible... you probably could even use the serial IEC port
> for rs232 (quite slow though, just like standard rs232 using cia/nmi
> etc on c64)

Another idea would be to attach an Ethernet chip such as the CS8900A to the 
1541 and hook it up to the LAN. Too bad NFS is such a beast, a 1541 NFS 
server would have been cool. 

Also, it would be a cool type of networked data storage device (or whatever 
that buzzword was)!

Adam Dunkels <>
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