[cc65] CC65 Memory Corruption

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From: Tim Vanderhoek (hoek_at_FreeBSD.org)
Date: 2003-01-02 07:00:05


I ran into some trouble with the cc65 compiler trying to access memory
that had already been free()'d.

I've attached a patch that is relative to version 2.8.0 of cc65.  I
took a look at the 2.9.0 sources and it looks like it should apply
without too much trouble to 2.9.0.  In 2.8.0 the function called
OptPtrLoad3() is now called OptPtrLoad2().  Other than that, the
patch should apply.

This problem causes cc65 to crash while compiling libsrc in any
environment where free() by default trashes memory that is freed.

If I could think of a two-line witty aphorism for you to remember
me by, this would definitely be it.

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