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From: Greg King (
Date: 2003-01-05 21:35:53

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From: Maciej Witkowiak
Date: Friday, December 20, 2002, 06:12 PM
> Groepaz dnia 20 gru 2002 o 21:41 +0100 napisal:
> > Oh, BTW (looking at subject of the mail ... :o))  Someone mentioned
> > joystick.h and GEOS -- I cannot get this to work (results in error at
> > compile-time), and I was actually wondering myself what's the reason? :)
> > Did I just screw things up, or does that really not work? :)
> GEOS was missing on the list of supported platforms in joystick.h, and I was
> going to fix it; but, joystick.h has changed drastically today --
> it has modules now.  Modules are not supported under GEOS (yet),
> so for some time, joystick will work only if you have old-style joystick.h,
> and link to geos.lib.  Or, I can move the old definition of readjoy
> to one of GEOS's includes that has native mouse-functions.
> Anyway, readjoy had its own problems on GEOS64 until today, too.

The lack of module-support should not be a problem.  Uz was wise enough to bury
the module-loader behind "task-wrappers."  Those functions [such as
joy_load_driver()] are not required actually to load anything!  Any target is
free to replace the generic files with custom ones that pretend to load a
module, while really statically-linking a driver from a library.

That's what the LUnix target does,
because a basic joystick-driver is built into the operating system.


Hey, Uz!  In order for that replacement-policy to be easy and efficient, you
should modify "cc65/libsrc/Makefile".  The lists of directories that each target
builds should be reversed.  That is, the more general directories should be
first, and the more specific directories should be last.  For example, c64lib's
list should be:

runtime common dbg conio em joystick tgi cbm c64.

And, geoslib should build runtime and common, then build the geos
sub-directories.  (Then, that inner for-loop wouldn't be needed because ar65
replaces archive-members with the most-recently-added copy.)

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