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From: Brian Bagnall (
Date: 2003-01-09 19:31:03

> whats your OS then? :) in windoze i would guess you need to go the .bat
> hackery way (if not hack the editor binary) - in linux i'd suggest a
> link or simelar :)

It's Windows. I read through my DOS book about .BAT files but there is no
string manipulation in the actual batch scripting language. I think in Linux
you would use GREP to manipulate the string. Does anyone know if DOS has a
similar function for altering a variable name?

Maybe I'm going about this wrong. I've got a multi-file project. Obviously
only one file gets a complete build, i.e. the main file but the rest I just
want to use the compiler and assembler to make .o files so they can be
included in other files. Right now it is laborious to make an object file. I
need to use cc65 on 'hello.c', then select hello.s, then run ca65 on that,
then delete hello.s (otherwise it clutters up my list of files in the IDE).
It seems like this shouldn't be a problem and lots of programmers have
probably run into the same situation, right? Is the best solution to create
a batch file that is totally customized just for compiling this project, and
run a complete compile on the whole project each time?

- Brian

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