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From: Ullrich von Bassewitz (
Date: 2003-01-15 18:46:45


On Wed, Jan 15, 2003 at 02:57:40PM +0100, Tim Schürmann wrote:
> Hm. Some authors hate it when users send modified versions of files and/or
> documents without any requests.

I'm usually very glad about contributions. To make the process for both
parties as effective and as carefree as possible, please see the following

  * Don't send multi megabyte mails without asking first.

  * Send diffs if possible and state the version number of the sources against
    which the diffs have been made. You can also send sources, but this means
    that I will have to make the diffs, which is more work for me.

  * Be sure to change the correct files: Many files are generated and not
    original sources. This is especially true for the documentation (don't
    send me changed HTML files) and for the standard linker configurations
    (don't send me changed files).

  * To avoid frustration, before doing really large changes, I would suggest
    asking if these changes are ok. Assume that you spent weeks coding some
    sort of library, just to find out that I've added similar code a few days
    ago. Or assume that the structure has changed, so your changes won't apply
    without large problems.

  * Please add a statement that your changes are covered by the same copyright
    as the libraries (see

  * Send the changes by personal mail (not to the list), especially if they
    are larger.

> Uz: should i send you an update?
> btw: the documentation is generated from sgml-code. Isn't it possible to "include"
> all .cfg-files?

I think, I will check if it's possible to include the config files somehow. If
necessary, I can add a separate perl preprocessing pass. Including the files
will solve the problem once and forever, so it's worth the additional

If you have made other changes than updating the builtin config files, I would
be glad to hear about them.



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