[cc65] Another wish: Unsized Arrays in Structures

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From: Christian Krüger (christian.krueger_at_pace.de)
Date: 2003-01-22 23:37:22

Hi again,

today I've tried to compile something like this:


typedef struct
  unsigned char width;
  unsigned char height;
  unsigned char data[];


...and get a friendly error:
Error: Size of data type is unknown

Which I understand - of course.. ;-)
..but I like to have 'clean' access to
known parameters and fast access without
indirection to 'unknown' sized data.

So I like to put the following on the wish
list: Unsized Arrays in Structures

(For a more detailed description look here:

Ok, ok it's a Microsoft specific extension ("Jehova, Jehova!"),
but I find usefull anyway (especially on 'weak' platforms like
the 6502) - and I think it could/should be disabled in strict
ANSI mode anyhow...

Somebody with me?

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