Re: [cc65] Another wish: Unsized Arrays in Structures

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From: Tim Schürmann (
Date: 2003-01-23 17:36:23

Hi Spiro,

Spiro Trikaliotis schrieb:

> > What you got there is, that TestStruct points to a beginning of the
> > allocated memory of 1 TestStruct (why do you "malloc" the TestStruct?
> > TestStruct already exist)
> well, the type TestStruct exists, but there isn't memory for it.

No, because:

struct noname {
struct noname TestStruct;


struct {
} TestStruct;

defines both a variable TestStruct. It is not nessesary to allocate memory (only
for the *data array - see also the original mail from Christian Krüger).


Tim Schürmann

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