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From: Groepaz (
Date: 2003-04-09 20:12:10

On Wednesday 09 April 2003 20:04, Debrune Jérôme wrote:
> Hi
> > > Does it use Rom vector for cursor location for example ? or does conio
> > > use his own variable in ram ?
> >
> > the c64 (and other cbm) lib atleast uses the kernal routines and also
> > variables... no clue about the oric (IS there even conio?)
> Atmos/oric-1 has a ROM (16KB).
> The roms contains BASIC functions and others features
> So conio is only a kind of wrapper to jump to kernel function ? as :
> void clrscr (void);
> ->for example :
> _clrsrc:
> 	jmp rom_clrsrc ; Jump to Rom
> In this case, i am lucky because i can do conio easily for Oric target...

yes thats exactly how the cbm lib is implemented.... have a look at some of 
these functions, there are some tricks hidden in there.... for example you 
could write

.export _clrscr

_clrscr = rom_clrscr

and the generated code will be quite optimal.


btw if you have something up and running i would be happy about a copy.... 
tetris must be ported to all and everything etc :=P

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