Re: [cc65] RS232 question

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From: Robert Steinmetz (
Date: 2003-04-13 01:47:06

Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:

>This assumes that the port number is passed as a parameter to the rs232_get
>and rs232_put functions. There are other solutions (like separate functions),
>but they are ugly.
Since I mentioned the Apple ][, and since the Apple ][ generally uses 
smart serial ports and since there appears to be no rs232 support in the 
cc65 libraries for the Apple ][, does the Apple ][ case need to be 

It seems that passing the port on every cycle is inefficient and 
expensive, and it would be unnecessary since the port used by any 
process would not change, once it is determined.

It also seems that if the libraries for the Apple][ could allow 2 (or 
more) instances of the drivers could be loaded or the multiple support 
be implemented in the Apple ][ library, then the problem is reduced to a 
specific architecture. In the Apple  //c the ports are called the  modem 
and printer ports, although they are functionally identical and have 
different addresses.


Rob Steinmetz

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