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From: Debrune Jérôme (
Date: 2003-04-14 01:52:07


As Groepaz said, i did conio lib friday. Groepaz was trying to compile his 
tetris with my conio.s.

>   * A hacked write() function that makes printf usable, similar to the one
>     that has been available on the CBMs before.

I did it also last year, but never released it. I have lot's of unreseleased 
stuff on the Oric.

>   * A clock() function. It is 16 bit only, and I don't have an idea, which
>     value CLOCKS_PER_SEC should take, so there's room for improvements.

I'll try to see

> Things that are not available:
>   * File I/O (I have not the slightest idea how to use disks on the Atmos)

Well it's difficult to do it. disk routines does not exists in Atmos. You have 
to own a floppy disk (with controller) and an operating system (sedoric).
The operating system is in $c000 (Ram overlay) and rom is at $c000.

It just means that in the atmos/oric-1 you have ROM and ram at the same adress 
(You can consider that as a bank, you can select this bank with a floppy disk 
controller register. I did routines for reading/writing sectors on the Oric.

>   * Colors. If you thought, colors on the Atari are weird, please have a
> look at the Oric. Colors are *really* crazy on this platform.

Yes that is why i said that it's difficult to have common libs for atmos

Please see that for informations:

You should try to see this demo (released at alternative party 2003) to see 
some graphics on the oric (use euphoric and not xeuphoric for that):

>If you want to
>     use the binary on a real machine, you will have to remove the tape
> header. This can be easily done by using a slightly changed linker config,
> that just discards the TAPEHDR segment.

Well this tap header is really the real header for real machine (When you load 
from a tape, it's really this header). If you use a disk controller, you have 
to remove this header.


PS : I am doing atomic (katomic a linux game) with cc65 on the Oric.. so 
please don't say me tomorrow that you did it this night :-P

Debrune Jérôme
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