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From: sandree (
Date: 2003-04-21 10:44:16

i dont't need the segment BMP to be initialized. i just want to reserve that
memory to depack a bitmap into it, later. so bss type should be right.
i experimented with configurations, where the code and the RODATA segment
were placed in RAM($3f40-8000). it didn't run, too.
i could place that bitmap from $e000-ff40, but what can i do, if i need to
place it somewhere in future at $2000?


> Just had a quick look at the docs of ld65 and I'm not quite sure what
> happens if you have a bss type between two memory areas whith
> initialized data. Usually bss segments are not written to the output
> file. Does the map file (option '-m name') generated by ld65 look okay?
> Another question is if there's enough space for the startup code, the
> program and the RODATA segment below $2000. Looks a bit tight.
> Maybe it's better to put your graphic in bank 0 ($c000 and up) and only
> change the end of the heap, i.e. the length of the RAM memory area.
> Ciao,
> Marc 'BlackJack' Rintsch

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