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From: Greg King (
Date: 2003-04-24 13:37:46

From: sandree
Date: Monday, April 21, 2003, 05:47 AM
> I could place that bitmap from $e000-ff40, but what can I do,
> if I need to place it somewhere, in future, at $2000?

You will need to use a configure-script that contains this code:

ZP: start = $02, size = $1A, define = yes;
  RAMLO: start = $07ff, size = $1801;
    BMP: start = $2000, size = $1f40;
    RAM: start = $3f40, size = $40C0, define = yes;
  ZEROPAGE: load = ZP,    type = zp;
   STARTUP: load = RAMLO, type = ro;
   LOWCODE: load = RAMLO, type = ro;
      CODE: load = RAMLO, type = ro;
    RODATA: load = RAMLO, type = ro;
      DATA: load = RAMLO, type = rw;
    BITMAP: load = BMP,   type = rw;
       BSS: load = RAM,   type = bss, define = yes;

Then, you must give those 8000 bytes a name that your program can use to
point to them.  You don't need to use assembly-code, these three lines of
"cc65-language" code will give you what you need.

#pragma bssseg("BITMAP")
unsigned char bitmap[8000];
#pragma bssseg("BSS")

That configure-script will give you a small program-file -- no wasted
space.  But, it gives you only 6143 bytes for your program.  If you wanted
to write a fancy program that needed more space, then you would need to
move some of those segments from RAMLO to RAM.  Tell ld65 to create a
map-file, find out which RAMLO segment is the smallest one, then move it.
If that isn't enough, then try moving the next smallest one -- until you
can fit your program around that bitmap-hole.

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