[cc65] Lynx target

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From: karri (karri_at_twins.dna.fi)
Date: 2003-04-28 11:04:52

I just browsed through the archives and found that there is
several persons interested in a Lynx version of cc65.

I would like to help with creating new libraries for the Lynx
as I also need better control of where the code goes and how
to access the files on the cart.

I could help in making the file I/O routines that work with all the
different block structures that Lynx supports. Actually I have
written read/write/erase support for static RAM and flash memory
that allows you to develop code for the Lynx using StrataFlash memory

A question to chrisker:
Does you 50% include file I/O already? I don't want to duplicate
any work that is done already.


Karri Kaksonen

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