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From: karri (
Date: 2003-04-28 18:16:39

On Mon, 28 Apr 2003, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 28, 2003 at 02:02:51PM +0200, Groepaz wrote:
> > > It can. Just change _curunit before opening a file.
> >
> > uhmz well... not very portable :=P (i'm not only looking at cc65 targets) i
> > wont call this more than "workaround" until we have something better.
> I thought about using "drive:filename", but this syntax is already used by the
> CBM dual drives. So I came up with the current solution. I think it will be
> difficult to find a syntax that works and feels "natural" on every platform.
> > > Hmmm. How about implementing a RAM disk via a driver, and add another
> > > (platform dependent) module that links the first one into the CBM kernal
> > > calls?
> >
> > ? explain :=)
> First, write a loadable module that uses an extended memory driver to
> implement something filesystem like, but with different names than the
> existing ones (maybe ramdisk_write(), or rd_write() or similar). Then add
> another loadable module that hooks into the kernal jump vector somehow and
> redirects OPEN/BSOUT/CLOSE calls for a drive with a spcific number.

The Atari Lynx has a slightly different problem. It uses a ROM instead of
a disk-drive. That means that a ramdisk does not make sense. The only
writable element is a 1024 bit EEPROM that is used for high-scores in
some games.

I tried to browse through the current documents and found something called
dio_read that makes a raw disk read. The Lynx has hard-coded sectors that
can be 512, 1024 or 2048 bytes. The way you read the data is to give the
sector number and then you read X bytes out of a fixed memory address.
It will then increment the ROM pointer with one during every read.

What would be the natural function to implement this in a cc65

If you read more than 512 bytes from a cart that has 512 byte sectors
then it wraps around and you get the same bytes twice.



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