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From: Spiro Trikaliotis (
Date: 2003-07-17 07:21:47

Hello Rafal,

On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 12:05:54AM +0200, Rafal wrote:

> I just compiled one file installer for win32 platform
> it contains all Commodore platforms "only"


1. Why do CC65_9X.BAT and CC65_NT.BAT only use relative
   paths for CC65_LIB, CC65_INC, PATH?

2. NT.BAT is wrong:
   a. use CMD.EXE instead of
   b. nt.bat calls NT.BAT; I think it should be 
        CMD.EXE /K CC65_NT.BAT
      shouldn't it?

3. COMMAND.COM (for 9X) does not know the /K switch, at least
   not on NT/2K/XP. Does it work for 9X?

4. You should specify working directorys in the shortcuts to NT.BAT 
   and 9X.BAT. Else, they don't work here.

5. If I added files into the CC65 tree, they are not removed on
   uninstalling. You could at least ask for it.
   Furthermore, the uninstaller even does not tell me that it did
   not remove the directories in this case. I know, this is common
   behaviour on Win machines, but despite this, it is not good practice.

6. It shouldn't be necessary for a person to choose whether
   he's running on NT or 9X; it's your installer's task.

7. After installing, you want to start \cc65\index.url to go to the
   CC65 homepage. At least as guest, this does not work, I get:
   "Unable to execute file: c:\cc65\index.url
   CreateProcess failed; code 193.
   This is due to installing it as guest on my machine. Nevertheless, since
   double-clicking on the URL works, the automatic start should work, too.

Now, what was positive?

1. Installing worked even as "guest" on a NT station worked.

2. created hello.c, cl65 hello.c --> got an executable.

> I'll be specially glad if someone with windows NT
> will test it... (win9x seems to be ok)

Have done it. ;-)

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