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From: Andre Majorel (
Date: 2003-08-27 12:05:15

On 2003-08-27 07:20 +0200, Groepaz wrote:

> mmmmh i see another funny problem here...what if i really want to
> assign 0 (and _not_ NULL, whatever bitpattern it is) because i want to
> use the pointer to access the memory at location 0?
> something like
> int i;
> char *p;
> 	i=0;
> 	p=(char*)i;
> comes to mind, but would that even work as intended?


> (the compiler might optimize out the helper variable, and then again
> convert the zero to NULL when assigning to the pointer)

A compiler that would represent the null pointer with another bit
pattern that all zeroes and still do that would be non-conformant. With
respect to pointers, the integer constant 0 (i.e. the token 0 in the
source code) is special. The integer value (i.e. an int which compares
equal to 0) is not.

> OR is it so that *(char*)NULL is defined to access memory at location zero? 
> (which would again raise the question how to access the memory at that 
> certain bitpattern defined as NULL :=P)

I'm not sure I understand your question but... The null pointer might
not be a valid address at all. On some architectures, attempting to
dereference a null pointer might cause not just a segfault but a
CPU-level exception (bus error or something like that).

André Majorel <>
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