Re: [cc65] New cc65 target: atari lynx

From: Shawn Jefferson <>
Date: 2004-09-14 18:56:08

--- Ullrich von Bassewitz <> wrote:

> Besides the license it would be nice if these
> programs integrate smoothly into
> the existing tools (if the license permits that, of
> course). For the sprite
> packer for example, it would be great to have it
> included into the cl65
> frontend utility.

In the case of the sprite packer, I don't think it
makes much sense to call that from the cl65 utility
myself.  I would think that it would be called from a
makefile, processing your sprites into a format that
the lynx can use, and then either linked to your
program, or put into the cart image.

Calling lynxer (the cart image builder) from cl65
would be great, but I'd still like the option of just
dumping out a single binary file for use in the
emulator (or upload via BLL cable to the lynx) and
opting not to create a full cartridge image.

Karri's done the real hard work of getting all this
stuff sorted out to work with your package structure,
with makefile, etc... Nice work, Karri!  

Shawn Jefferson

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