RE: [cc65] Print heart character on C64?

From: Raj Wurttemberg <>
Date: 2004-09-19 00:38:51
> that happens because cc65 converts the charset encoding (from 
> ascii to petscii in this case). however, i am not sure if this
> is correct behaviour here (when using \x).... no idea what the
> standard says here.

I'm a noob to C so I have no idea about the standard. I used the same printf
statement that would be used in TurboC 3.0 and GCC on Linux (SuSE) to print
a graphic character and those two compilers generated the correct code with
no translation. So I'm guessing cc65 _should_ be the same. Figures... a
lowly noob like me would find  something silly. Haha!

> as a workaround you can do printf ("\nhello world! %c",0x73);...
> but that's kinda ugly, i know :=P UZ might be able to say more about
Cool. Thanks for the workaround. Works perfectly. It's nice having a real C
compiler to write programs for the C64. I have Power C and Super C but
writing programs with just 80 columns and no syntax highlighting (I use
UltraEdit on the PC) is a pain. I want to write some disk utilities and some
diagnostic programs for the C64 with CC65. 


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