RE: [cc65] Print heart character on C64?

From: Raj Wurttemberg <>
Date: 2004-09-23 14:33:19
> pragma IS compiler specific :o) so, look in the cc65 docs :)

I found an example posted to this mailing list on 9-Dec-03. 

From Uz...

- But don't despair, there's a simple solution: Using
-         #pragma charmap()
- you can have your own character set translation. Just create 
- a header file named "mycharset.h", with the line
-         #pragma charmap (0x5F, 164);
- in it. Every time you include this header file, the underline 
- (code 0x5F) in your source is translated into a thin underline
- in the target.

Thank goodness for archives. Haha! I tried the cc65 docs but it's difficult
to search through so many non-indexed html files. 


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