Re: [cc65] SuSE fake package

From: Ullrich von Bassewitz <>
Date: 2004-09-25 20:32:52
On Sat, Sep 25, 2004 at 07:45:22PM +0200, Groepaz wrote:
> look in the "provides" section of the .spec file.... i have no idea how i would
> find out which suse packages provide these perl modules though .... any
> suggestions? :)

Digging through several RPM docs, it seems that one cannot prevent rpm from
detecting requirements for any libraries and perl automatically. This means
that there is no way to make the RPMs built on RedHat compatible with SuSE
without supplying an additional compatability RPM (as you did).

Is it possible that you send me the output of

        rpm -qR perl

in private mail?



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