Re: [cc65] Floating point support?

From: Sidney Cadot <>
Date: 2004-09-28 19:02:30
On 28 Sep 2004, at 09:33, Marc Rintsch wrote:
> I always thought one benefit of the IEEE format is, that it's designed 
> to
> implement comparisons (<, >, =) of n-bit floats as comparisons of n-bit
> signed integers?  That's only possible if the MSB is the sign bit.  
> The code
> to compare 4 byte signed ints is already in the libs.

Except that you would have to handle NaNs properly. e.g.

double x = 1.0/0.0; /* x is now a NaN */
int f = (x==x); /* f should now be false, since !(NaN==NaN) */

...This case is nice as e.g. the MSVC++ compiler optimizes away (x==x).

Regards, Sidney

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