Re: [cc65] Help, bug making me insane

From: Shawn Jefferson <>
Date: 2004-12-16 17:18:49
Crisis averted, I'm sane!  Sorry for the extra

After hours and hours of looking at my code and
printing out variables, I decided to print everything
out.  I also added code to reread each sector as it
was written to the hard drive.  I finally pinpointed
my error.  I was doing an AND where I should have been
doing an addition or an OR.  It was in a routine
called by the copy_image routine.  What threw me is
that this routine worked when called by other
routines, and only failed under certain circumstances
(called from this routine).


--- Shawn Jefferson <>

> For some reason, this routine that did work
> previously
> doesn't seem to now after making some changes to my
> program.  Thinking to forestall my descent into
> complete madness I hoped that someone here could
> look
> it over and see if there were any obvious mistakes
> that I am overlooking.

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