[cc65] hmm.. linker and alignment?

From: Mats Andrén <matan3251student.liu.se>
Date: 2004-12-21 04:06:07
I hope I'm not just too tired now...

I want to compile a program which consists of a number of segments who
has the load attribute (in the cfg-file) set to a certain MEMORY area
and their run attribute set to another MEMORY area. Each segment has
it's align attribute set to $100 as the code within the segments need
to use the ".align" directive. Now when I access the __NAME_LOAD__
symbol for these segments from my init code that is supposed to move
the code to it's run-area, I find that this symbol is aligned to $100.
I only want the __NAME_RUN__ symbol to be aligned to $100 as I do not
want to be forced to specify the fill attribute for the load MEMORY
area (as this memory are cover the whole free low memory in the c64
between 0800 to d000) to make sure that it is really OK to .

Am I trying to do this the wrong way or is it not possible to do like
this, even though it would be reasonable? Is my brain broken?


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