Re: [cc65] abc music specification

From: Groepaz <>
Date: 2004-12-24 01:42:29
On Thursday 23 December 2004 05:24, Karri Kaksonen wrote:

> abcmusic(channel,
> ":A2GEcde>dcABGAGE/F/GA2GEcde>dcABGA3z::eae>deae>dcdefgf/g/ageae>deae>dcABGA3z:");
> The whole tune almost fits on a line.

uhm that looks more like a few seconds loop and one voice than a real tune to me :=P

what about a tune that uses 3 voices and is about 2 minutes long?

> > and as for speed, "modern" c64 player typically run at about $18 rasterlines per frame,
> > which means 63*$18=1512 cycles per player call. can you give a simelar figure for yours?
> I only call the code once/frame during the vertical blank interrupt.

thats exactly what i mean

> But I have not calculated how many cycles it will use.

you can get a rough estimate by figuring out the amounts of rasterlines used by each player rastercounter before player call, read rastercounter after player call...calc
cycles/rasterline from your amount of rasterlines per frame, frames per second and your
cpu speed.

> Basically it decrements a counter and if it is zero it fetches the next
> note from the tune, makes a table lookup to see what the new sound
> oscillator setting is and transfers it to a timer. 

mmmh...doesnt that abc format involve some kind of "generic instruments" which need to
be "emulated" by the driver? i would think that this is the part where things might
get complicated and slow.

> But this will of course 
> be a hardware dependent thing that is different on every platform.

ofcourse :)

> > oh, and we shouldnt forget about sound effects. ie the driver should provide funtions
> > to play predefined sounds independently from each other, and with- or without the
> > music playing at the same time.
> That is simple in case you have separate sound channels available. But if
> you need to interrupt your music, play an effect, continue with music,
> then it gets more complicated.

i would assume that most, if not all targets, want to use all available channels for music
and use an "intelligent" soundroutine that plays soundeffects dynamically on unused or
least needed channels
> The Lynx has 4 channels with identical properties. You can use any channel
> for samples or generate patterns of 0's and 1's from a polynomial counter.
> The pattern can be fed to a clipping integrator for producing complex
> waveforms.

thats probably already superior to most if not all targets. the c64 has 3 "chip" voices for
example, samples need to be played using some trickery and terribly high cpu usuage (no
dma but manual writes basically). the same is true for the vic20, although its soundchip
as much less capable. i _think_ the situation is simelar for the atari. the lower end would
be the pet-computers, which can only beep in different pitches much like the original ibm
pc could. (however pets can play high quality samples with a 3rd party addon, but that wasnt
very common at all)

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