[cc65] makefile problems

From: stefan <stefan-physik1gmx.net>
Date: 2007-07-18 08:43:04
I don't know, if this is a general problem with makefiles or if it is 
cc65 related,
so this question may be a little off-topic, but anyway it's for 
proceeding with a c64 production.

When compiling my project using make of gcc for win32 i sometimes get 
this error message without any appearant reason.
The lines works when i copy it out of the makefile and instead copy it 
directly into the terminal window and execute it.
This is really annoying, as i have spend some time to write the complete 
makefile(this is only one line of it) and the error makes the 
compilation procedure stop. My idea about this is, that make sometimes 
gets confused with lines > 80 chars.
Theres also a statement written in the doc of cl65, that cl65 should not 
be used with more than one file and the -o parameter. That was the 
reason, why i packed all object files into the paralax.lib and then used 
only the minimum of two files parmain.c and paralax.lib to be linked 

cl65 -C paralax.cfg -Oirs -g -Ln labels -I. -I .\kickborder -I 
.\datafiles -D DEBUG=0 parmain.c paralax.lib -o paralax.run
make.exe: *** [paralax.run] Error -1

The command in the makefile looks like this:

paralax.run: paralax.lib  parmain.c
    cl65 $(cflags) $(inc) -D $(debug)  paralax.lib  parmain.c  -o  $%
Can anybody help me to get around this problem? The project is nearly 
finished and all other lines of the makefile are processed without 

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