Re: [cc65] A bug?

From: <>
Date: 2008-07-25 13:56:02
On 2008-07-24, at 23:51, Mark J. Reed wrote:

> I think perhaps the portable core of the program should be turned into
> a library that is then called by a wrapper program for the different
> platforms, which handle the output correctly for the platform, perhaps
> using conio.
> Alternatively, in the particular case of the Commodore 64, it wouldn't
> be hard to redirect the BSOUT/CHROUT call through a custom routine
> that handles CR specially when output to device 3.  It would be
> overkill, IMO, but not difficult, since the jump table calls through
> an indirect vector at 0x0326.

Yes - that is what I thought of initially. This shouldn't be  
difficult and would probably work well without breaking things in  
many other places as Ullrich was afraid of (unless I am again unaware  
of something). Still this would be indeed "special treatment" rather  
than generic approach. I don't know how (un)common this kind of  
special treatment would be when compared to other compilers/platforms  
though. What made me re-start this thread was that I found the  
required code already implemented for cputc() (and others) and  
wondered why not for the POSIXish functions? 
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