Re: [cc65] some patches

From: Kajtár Zsolt <>
Date: 2010-03-15 21:54:51
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> Hi Soci,
>> By the way is it possible to get rid of the interrupt handling stuff in crt0
>> if I'm not using any interrupts in a program? I've tried to put .if there, but
>> unfortunately __INTERRUPTOR_COUNT__ is imported and not defined, so it was not
>> working.
> No, it always need to be there "by design". The number of interrupt
> users (the interruptors) is determined at link time and is only
> reflected in the __INTERRUPTOR_COUNT__ symbol which therefore con only
> be read at runtime.
> There's no symbol being undefined if (and only if) there's at least
> one interrupt user so there's no way to link in something
> conditionally.

Yes, it's too late at that time. But what about moving the interrupt
setup/restore code into 2 functions. Then if there's any interrupt handling
necessary these could linked in and called from the __CONSTRUCTOR_TABLE__ and
__DESTRUCTOR_TABLE__ by the normal initlib/donelib.

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