Re: [cc65] some patches

From: <>
Date: 2010-03-17 19:24:50
On 2010-03-17, at 18:04, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:

>> Now - for it to make it to mainstream, instead of patches to the
>> original read/write or anything - can't we simply have those two
>> files in the source tree and add the three commands above to the
>> build process? Even conditionally or so?
> The problem is not with just these files, but with the multitude of  
> others.
> With each new file, the number of possible combinations increases.

After thinking again - you are right - there might indeed be some  
potential conflicts. While it should not be a problem to have  
conditionals for various purpose hardware - with similar purpose  
hardware (e.d. C64 with JiffyDOS AND IDE64) then there really would be  
an exponentially growing tree of options, which certainly doesn't look  

> What's so bad with my idea that someone offers these files for  
> download and
> everybody interested can build her own library using these files and  
> the
> simple three step process I've already described?

The only problem is with a) people not knowing about those and b) the  
reliability of such offer. Like with the Linux kernel - things that  
get into the official tree - are there, work (well.. mostly ;-) , and  
everyone knows about them. Those which are maintained outside, are all  
too often outdated, not available due to some technical/hosting/domain/ 
whatever reasons or just nobody knows about them..

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