[cc65] CBM POSIX I/O - USR Files

From: Oliver Schmidt <ol.sc1web.de>
Date: 2010-03-28 23:16:07

If I use cc65's POSIX I/O functions on the C64 to create a file, it
has the file type USR. According to what I found out this file type is
quite special - PRG ans SEQ are much more common. So my question is:
Why USR? I found a hint that both PRG and SEQ are limited in size,
maybe USR not?

BTW: I was looking in VICE' 1541 tool for an option to set the desired
file type when writing files into disk images. There was none
documented so I checked out the source to find that PRG is hardcoded

All this leaves me (as a non-CBM insider) quite puzzled: If non-PRG
files play a significant role, then why does a supposed-to-be-mature
tool like 1541 not support them ?!?

Thanks in advance for hints, Oliver
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