Re: [cc65] CBM POSIX I/O - USR Files

From: <>
Date: 2010-03-29 01:13:15
On 2010-03-29, at 00:21, Groepaz wrote:
> to be honest, i find it quite irritating too... normally, *most*  
> files in the
> commodore world are PRG files, SEQ is used mostly for textfiles and  
> such, and
> USR is infact quite rare "in the wild". personally i am using a  
> patched
> runtime which uses PRG by default for this very reason :)

But - to be honest - what's the advantage?

I also rarely used USR files in the times but that was because I  
associated the filetypes in the following way:

PRG - files, which content is expected to be loaded at specific  
address in memory
SEQ - files, which are read in portions f. e. into I/O buffers at any  
USR - files, which are loaded at any address - all data at once
REL - data, for which random access is required - used for database  

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