Re: [cc65] CBM POSIX I/O - USR Files

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2010-03-30 10:31:23

>> What happens if I type
>> LOAD on an USR file? The same?
> More or less ;-) The difference is that you have to specify that you want to load USR file. Otherwise you get FILE TYPE MISMATCH error. Other than that - the same (AFAIR).

I tried that yesterday evening using VICE 1.21 on Win32 and could
_not_ reproduce that error. I saved a file using C1541 using ",u" and
verified that it showed up as USR. Then I entered


and experienced the same behaviour with a PRG file of the same conent:
The system prints READY but I don't get a prompt anymore. I understand
thios behaviour as the file in question doesn't have a valid load
address in the first two bytes.

>> And what about LOAD,* ? Does it load the first PRG file or load the
>> first <whatever> file?
> Depends. It either loads the most recently accessed file or - if you are freshly initialised - the first PRG file.
> To make sure you actually load the very first file, you put a colon before the asterisk. But then the file must be PRG or you get the familiar (already) error, unless you specify the type.

Again I was _not_ able to reproduce that. Putting an USR file first on
.D64 image and using the 'Autostart image' feature of VICE (which
prints 'LOAD "*,8,1') the system was obviously trying to load the
(bogus) USR file instead of a (valid) PRG file being the second in the

I'd be happy if I could really understand these things for a reason
beside pure curiosity: I need to put a data file first on a image (for
certain reasons) and would like to keep the users (and especially the
VICE autostart feature) from trying to load it and thus locking up
their machine.

Regards, Oliver
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