Re: [cc65] CBM POSIX I/O - USR Files

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2010-03-30 20:43:55

> Do you have "True drive emulation" turned on? This is crucial if you want to check things out. Also current version of VICE is 2.2! 1.2 is quite... outdated to say the least. I can imagine that it may behave somewhat differently than the current version. Grab the latest version, turn "true drive emulation" on and then check things out.

Thanks for the hint - these things seemed so basic to me that I
couldn't imagine that an older VICE could cause trouble. However now
on WinVICE 2.2 with TDE turned on...

>>> More or less ;-) The difference is that you have to specify that you want to load USR file. Otherwise you get FILE TYPE MISMATCH error. Other than that - the same (AFAIR).

Thanks for taking the time to upload the testimage!

What do I need to type to get the error above? Just doing a LOAD

>>>> And what about LOAD,* ? Does it load the first PRG file or load the
>>>> first <whatever> file?
>>> Depends. It either loads the most recently accessed file or - if you are freshly initialised - the first PRG file.
>>> To make sure you actually load the very first file, you put a colon before the asterisk. But then the file must be PRG or you get the familiar (already) error, unless you specify the type.

With WinVICE 2.2 things work out exactly as I hoped. The autostart
feature skips my (first) USR file and loads my (second) PRG file :-))

Regards, Oliver
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