Re: [cc65] Code optimizations

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2010-04-17 19:45:35
Hi Uz,

>> Cool, already looking forward to it ...
> Don't overrate it.

Won't do...

> As an example, while loop inversion (which I have just
> added) adds two cycles for while loops that are never executed, but removes a
> jump out of the code path if the loop is actually executed. It is correct that
> even small gains add up, but it might be difficult to find a use case where
> this change has a measurable effect. It hasn't been much work and I can
> proudly state that cc65 now does while loop inversion, but apart from that the
> actual benefit is negligible :-)

Maybe a good opportunity to recall the benchmark topic. Instead of
adding feature after feature it might be nice to actually see the
improvements from 2.12. to 2.13. to 2.14 ...

Just an idea, Oliver
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