Re: [cc65] Please critique this makefile

From: <>
Date: 2010-04-21 15:49:27
On 2010-04-21, at 10:22, Oliver Schmidt wrote:

> Hi Payton,
> I've tried to put quite some of my knowledge regarding GNU make into
> the sample Makefile @
> Maybe you want to havae a look...

Would you be able to create a Makefile that would allow building from  
a sources directory containing arbitrary number of mixed (C and ASM)  
source files?

I mean the location of the directory is the parameter, not each and  
every source file...

I (long ago) spent some time with this problem and yet haven't fully  
resolved it. AFAIR due to the fact that C files are compiled into asm,  
which only then gets assembled into object files. Now I don't remember  
exactly the reason but I think it was due to the fact that both  
dependent and non-dependent asm files were to be taken into account,  
which is not a very typical situation with other compilers.

This sort of "universal" Makefile would be really highly appreciated!

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