Re: [cc65] Forced imports by linker config

From: <>
Date: 2010-11-15 22:25:42
BTW. It could be nice if other tools adopted the same behaviour as  
cc65 when it comes to version printout:

silverdr$ cc65 --version
cc65 V2.13.9
SVN version: 4866

silverdr$ cl65 --version
cl65 V2.13.9 - (C) Copyright 1998-2009 Ullrich von Bassewitz
cl65: No input files

silverdr$ ld65 --version
ld65 V2.13.9 - (C) Copyright 1998-2009, Ullrich von Bassewitz
ld65: Error: No object files to link

I mean printing SCM revision, and not expecting any files to process.


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