[cc65] Documentation: combining switches -t and -C

From: Agent Friday <64subnet1gmail.com>
Date: 2010-11-28 17:46:26
Is the ability to specify a target /in addition to/ a custom config
file a relatively new thing?  The docs still say you can't do that...


This reminds me of a follow-up.  I could not find a clear statement
in the documentation of exactly what the -t option sets up for you.
There may be a couple of indirect references, but I think that it
should be stated definitively where the -t option is explained.  I
now know that -t selects the character translation map and the
built-in config file.  I gather that it selects the right library
to link with as well.  Is there anything else?

In my opinion, there should be some way to manually specify
every individual option that is included in the target "package
deal".  The config file is handled fine in that respect (-C), and I
think -L covers the library, but is there a way to invoke just the
charmap for a specific platform?

// Agent Friday
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