Re: [cc65] Closing down

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2013-05-28 18:42:48
Hi Uz,

> Provided that it is not too much hassle for me, I will keep up the cc65
> resources for reference. This means that:
>   * ... the web page will stay up but I will attach a note that no further
>         development will happen.

...which you haven't done so far (at least as far as I see).

>   * ... the mailing list will stay active as long as there is some interest
>         and people would like to discuss cc65 issues here

- I created a new mailing list on SourceForge (as I already announced
here), it has 39 members by now..
- I created a duplicate of the archive of this mailing list.


>   * ... the Wiki will stay up for now, but may close some time in the future,
>         since it needs regular maintenance for security reasons.

- I created a new Wiki with the relevant content.


>   * ... the subversion repository is currently undecided. It's not much work
>         to keep it up, I will probably keep it for now, but it may close done
>         at some point in the future. Don't know about the developer accounts
>         however.

- I created a GitHub repository containing the history back to year
2000. There have already been quite some new commits. Greg King has
already made significant contributions to this repository and others
are about to do so too.

>   * ... the FTP server is still active, but I will terminate the cron job
>         that builds the snapshot.

- I decided to simplify the cc65 delivery model so there are no
snapshots nor releases. Rather users build cc65 on their own based on
the source .zip from
- I give Windows users some additional help by supplying a binaries
.zip for them at


The lack of snapshots doesn't mean that cc65 isn't built
automatically. Rather the opposite: On every push to the GitHub
repository a continuous integration build runs.


> If someone wants to take over, please step forward.

Given all the above I'd consider it safe to say I did so by now.

> If someone wants to
> take over development, I can offer to host some or all of the resources.

Thanks for the offer :-)

However I decided to stick to publicly available (free) hosting
services (see above).

The only thing missing to finalize the transition of the cc65
development is the ownership of the domain.

- My intend is to have point to the content now available

- My intend is to have handled by InterNetworX (
I'm already customer there for quite some years.

- In case a transition like this should become necessary later on I
promise to offer the domain to the new development.

- In case that should be necessary for you to agree I'm fine with
adding credits as you see fit and/or add a link to or create a mirror of the files
in that directory and add a link to it.

Thanks in advance for your consideration,
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